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New M-Audio Tools Available For Budding Musicians

New M-Audio Tools Available For Budding Musicians

M-Audio is a business unit of Avid Technology Inc, makers of Pro Tools – the recording industry’s default production software. Avid is hoping to expand their reach to audiophiles and budding musicians with a range of home music creation products such as Torq MixLab, Fast Track, Studiophile & the Session range through major and independent retailers.

“Home music creation is becoming increasingly popular past time amongst Gen Ys, with music playing an influential part in their lifestyle, and the internet being the most popular platform for sharing their music to the world,” says Evan Kourambas, CEO of Lako. “Through Lako, consumers now have access through IT retail stores the best of breed products M-Audio.”

This will see Lako expand its consumer product offering of Pinnacle System’s Studio range of video editing products to M-Audio’s Home Music Creation range of products to the major retailers, giving consumers access to a brand of premium digital audio creative products similarly used in the music and film industry . The range will consist of 10 products:

· Sessions (Recording Studio software)
· Sessions Fast Track (Guitar & Microphone USB input & Sessions software)
· Sessions Producer USB Mic
· Sessions KeyStudio 25 (Keyboard & Sessions software bundle)
· Sessions KeyStudio 49 (Keyboard & Sessions software bundle)
· AV20 Monitors (speakers)
· AV30 Monitors (speakers)
· AV40 Monitors (speakers)
· SoundCheck Microphone – Dynamic
· Torq Mixlab (Home DJ mixing kit)

Lako will be shipping the M-Audio Home Music Creation products from late-May 2009.