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Q3 2021 Set Kickstart A New Era For Samsung QD TV’s

The third quarter of 2021 is shaping up to be a big quarter for Samsung with the big Korean Company set to roll out their first Quantum Dot consumer TV’s after years of development and a multibillion-dollar investment program.

A report released by research group Omdia claims Samsung Display recently supplied prototypes of its QD displays for Samsung Electronics and Sony for use in TV manufacturing.

There had been concerns that due to COVID-19 impact, roll out of their QD line could be delayed. However, the Omdia report said Samsung would be ready by Q3 of 2021 to start mass-producing the new panels.

Samsung announced its switch from large-size liquid-crystal display panels to QD displays in October as it started converting the current LCD panel line to a new line for QD displays by investing A$15 billion in new manufacturing plants.

The display is made of a self-luminous organic light-emitting diode panel attached with a layer of QDs, which are small semiconductor cDrystals.

While it is considered a type of OLED panel in the industry, Samsung prefers to call it just quantum dot display, denying it is joining the OLED market to compete with LG.

The market researcher forecasts Samsung is capable of producing 30,000 QD panels on the Gen 8.5 line, for large-size TVs like 55 inches, 65 inches, 78 inches and 82 inches.

The roll out will see Australian TV retailers selling the new QD 8K and 4K TV’s that ChannelNews first saw at CES last year.

“The company has set its goal to commercialize QD panels in 2021, but hasn’t fixed the exact timing,” commented a Samsung Display official.

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