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New Google Android TV Dongle Coming Soon

[Image: XDA Developers]

Google’s new Android TV dongle – codenamed ‘Sabrina’ – is reportedly set to launch soon, shaking up its Chromecast line-up according to FCC filings leaked online.

Reports of the product’s development have surfaced for several months, with the dongle tipped to feature a remote and new user interface.

The new Android TV dongle is rumoured to offer a more traditional remote-driven user interface, contrary to smartphone-controlled Chromecast products.

Latest FCC filings describe an “interactive media streaming device” with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, with another “wireless device” listing including a power cover and Bluetooth smarts.

Lining up with former reports, 9to5Google speculates the new FCC listings refer to the forthcoming Sabrina Android TV dongle and accompanying remote control, indicating a launch may be coming soon.

Former reports suggested the new Android TV dongle would launch later this year, coupled with a rise in entertainment expenditure from home-bound consumers during the coronavirus pandemic.

[Image: XDADevelopers]

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