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Q1 Global Smartwatch Shipments Up 48% YoY

Global smartwatch shipments soared 48% year-on-year in Q1, according to latest numbers from Counterpoint Research. Continued innovation (e.g heart rate monitoring and NFC payments) are credited for the growth.

Apple has continued to retain market dominance, with 1-in-3 smartwatches sold during the period an Apple Watch.

Despite this, Samsung notched a whopping 127% year-on-year jump in smartwatch shipments in Q1, driven by its new Galaxy Watch series.

The range offers cellular LTE connectivity, which commentators claim is a strong alternative to the Apple Watch for Android lovers.

Huawei’s Watch GT has also further broke ground, with the Chinese giant’s market share climbing ~3% during the quarter.

Apple has focused on ECG and fall detection in the Apple Watch Series 4, however, battery life remains a “pain point.”

“Apple Watch shipments grew a solid 49% YoY despite the weak demand for its iPhones,” remarks Counterpoint Research Analyst, Satyajit Sinha.

“The heart rate sensor for health monitoring, GPS and pedometer sensors for fitness, and NFC embedded for payment are some of the key integrated technologies. Related use-cases and in addition to notifications with cellular capability are driving the smartwatch adoption”

“However, limited battery life remains a pain point for consumer’s decision-making process, irrespective of region and price band.”

Concerning future trends, Counterpoint Research Associate Director, Brady Wang, asserts foldable displays are coming to smartwatches soon.

“We estimate flexible smartwatches will hit mainstream post-2025,” he remarks.

Further information is available on Counterpoint Research’s website here.

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