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PS4 Second-Best Selling Gaming Console Ever

The numbers are out, and Sony’s PlayStation 4 is now the second-best selling gaming console of all time, only falling behind Sony’s older-gen PS2.

According to Sony, the PS4s sold 2.8 million PS4s this quarter alone, adding to the 100 million mark on sales the company hit last year.

Announced in Sony’s Q2 earnings report, the PS4 now sits at around 102.8 million sales, just above the original PlayStation (102.5 million), and trailing the PS2, which sold 155 million units.

Despite these strong numbers, it is unlikely that the PS4 will take the top spot, as unit sales are expected to go on a downward trend due to this current-gen console reaching the end of its life and the next-gen PS5 expected for a 2020 holiday period launch.

To reflect this, Sony has revised its PS4 hardware sales forecast down to 13.5 million units, which is a reduction of 1.5 million from previous expectations.

On top of the drop in unit sales, Sony’s overall gaming revenue and profit dropped by 17% and 35% respectively in the 2018 period.

Sony however has said that they will not be abandoning the console completely for the next-gen PS5, with several big exclusive titles – including Death Stranding and The Last Of Us 2 – still just around the corner.

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