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Projector Shortages Hurting Retail, Custom & Pro AV Industry

The Australian projector industry is facing chronic shortages, with brands such as Epson, Sony BenQ, Optima and JVC unable to supply retailers the custom install and the Pro AV industry.

Some analysts are tipping that the problem could extend “well into 2022”. On the Ambertech site the Company is only ranging Optima replacement globes.

In the latest sign of concern over demand, Texas Instruments Inc one of the largest makers of DLP chips to projector manufacturers, has warned of severe shortages. This saw their shares slump on the news.

Currently big manufacturers like Apple Sony and Samsung are scrambling to power through the global chip shortage and supply chain woes.

Bruce Thierbach the General Manager at Melbourne based Audio Active said that supply problems existed for both Samsung TV’s and projectors.

Len Wallis of Len Wallis Audio said that suppliers of both projectors and receivers “were difficult”

“Next week we will have our first full range of Yamaha receivers in 18 months with the supply of the Yamaha 6A”.

Apple said last week that they lost the equivalent of US$6 billion in sales this year due to chip shortages.

The semiconductor shortage has led to calls for more chip production within the U.S. as part of shoring up supply chains for key technology across several sectors including audio, projectors and display products.

A larger geopolitical rivalry between the U.S. and China over technology sovereignty and tech as a national security concern poses a threat to supply chain stability in both Australia and EU Countries- that will last longer than the current global manufacturing and logistic problems claim analysts.

Epson has been hit on two fronts with both their printers and projectors out of stock in both retailers and across the specialist printer supply market.

Epson USA told partners that restrictions by government combined with COVID-19 have converged in ways that severely limit their ability to deliver products into key market.

Epson printer models are “out of stock” in the USA according to observers and have been for months with no clear plan when Epson USA and others will be able to ramp up production.

Australian retailers are telling ChannelNews that brands such as BenQ, Epson and brands that are pushing laser TVs are suffering from supply issues.

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