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Posties Seek New Drone Trial

Australia Post will seek permission from the Civil Aviation Safety Authority to conduct a new trial of drone-driven parcel deliveries in 2017 e-commerce chief Abdrew Walduck has told CEDA’s state-of-the-nation conference in Canberra

He said drone technology had improved vastly se OzPost’s last round of trials in April and the company is curious to see what new capabilities – like beyond line-of-sight flying and the ability for a single pilot to control more than one drone at a time – could offer the business.

Another trial would also allow the company to drill further into how customers feel about a UAV delivering their parcels he added.

Walduck conceded that use of drones to deliver packages would require major changes to current CASA regulations which currently do not permit operators to fly their UAVs beyond sight or fly more than one device.

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