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EXCLUSIVE: Integra Walks From Amber, Will Onkyo Be Next?

Share listed distributor Amber Technology has lost the rights to the Integra brand with Control 4 taking over distribution in Australia.

According to Control 4 sources, the US control system company will take over the brand as of February 2021.

Integra Home Cinema audio and video components are designed and engineered exclusively for Custom Integrators which is where Control 4’s strength is said one observer.

Questions are also being asked about the future of the Onkyo brand with their parent company struggling global to supply products they are also facing financial difficulties.

Last month, US Onkyo dealers were notified of an abrupt distribution change in a “notice of termination” for their agreement with Onkyo USA, the Onkyo subsidiary would no longer be fulfilling orders, they were advised.

Instead distribution was switched to Klipsch who has also taken over Onkyo distribution in Japan.

The terminated dealer’s agreements covered Onkyo, Pioneer, Pioneer Elite and Integra brands.

Voxx International the owners of the Klipsch brand told dealers that “recent changes in the world economy” have contributed to the decision to enter into this deal with Voxx.

ChannelNews understands that a change could take place in Australia with one other distributor admitting that they have had talks with a view to taking over the Onkyo brand.
The only problem claims one distributors is “how long will Onkyo be around.

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