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Mathews Quits HTC OZ As Iron Man Joins The Team

Mathews Quits HTC OZ As Iron Man Joins The Team

On Friday, the company moved to reduce the amount of pay its executives received by more than half in 2012, following low smartphone sales and relatively poor financial results. It’s also been revealed that the company has signed on Robert Downey Jr. for a two-year global marketing campaign, with the actor tipped to visit Australia to launch a new smartphone this year.

Sources claim that Robert Downey Jr. will be paid around $12 million to promote the brand around the world. While it is speculated that the Iron Man star will appear in TV, print, and billboard advertisements for the company, neither HTC nor people representing the actor have passed comment on the story. A spokesperson for HTC declined to comment.

Though it had a bad year in 2012, HTC sales in 2013 have improved due to the release of the HTC One, which is proving to be a popular phone in Australia because of its aluminium back, longer battery life than the Samsung Galaxy S4 and a camera that is getting “rave reviews”.

Ben Hodgeson, country manager for HTC in Australia, said that Matthews “will be missed”. He added: “He wanted to travel around Australia with his family”. 

When ChannelNews caught up with Matthews. he said “I am taking eight months off to join the grey nomads travelling around Australia with my family.”