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Pitney Bowes Making A Bid For ANZ Retailers

Connecticut-based e-commerce player Pitney Bowes is set to make a play for the Australian market.

The company has already signed up local retailers and aims to provide them with a gateway to international markets by handling things like website localisation, cost calculations, logistics, risk mitigation and compliance management.

The news comes on the back of Chinese e-commerce giant Alibaba’s own incursion into the region.

According to Pitney Bowes’ Singapore-based vice-president and managing director for software solutions and global e-commerce David Hope, “The timing is perfect for Australian retailers.” 

“In the next three to four weeks we will announce more clients in Australia. We have found there is a lot of interest for this type of solution in the Australian market,” Pitney Bowes’ executive vice-president Lila Snyder told The Australian.

She also spoke about what differentiates Pitney Bowes from Alibaba.

“Alibaba is helping retailers enter China on their platform. What we are helping the retailers do is open up their own websites. We think that retailers need to be thinking about a strategy that includes enabling their own websites plus looking to marketplaces around the world to sell their brands,” she said.