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Osram Smart Lighting Vulnerability ‘Unnaceptable’

A number of vulnerabilities in Osram’s lighting range have been discovered by cybersecurity group Rapid7.

The vulnerabilities would allow an intruder to not only access and control a user’s home Wi-Fi network but also operate the connected Osram lights.

Osram have already rolled out a small software update to rectify some of the issues. 

According to them, “since being notified about the vulnerabilities identified by Rapid7, Osram has taken actions to analyse, validate and implement a risk-based remediation strategy.

The company has pledged to rectify the remaining vulnerabilities in a software update next month.

“In this day and age, you would regard that as an unacceptable security flaw,” cybersecurity expert and Professor Angela Sasse told the BBC.

“It’s a well known thing that you don’t store passwords like that – it’s really elementary,” she said.