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Philips Launches First Smart Deadbolt Door Lock With Wi-Fi Control

Philips Smart Deadbolt with Built-In Wi-Fi

Philips has launched its first smart deadbolt with built-in Wi-Fi.

The Philips Smart Deadbolt lock with Built-In Wi-Fi allows users to control their front door via the app regardless of where they are located.

There’s no need for a secondary bridge or other devices, as the lock itself connects directly to the Philips Home Access App via Wi-Fi.

To enhance the setup process, Philips has a retrofit design for the smart lock. It should fit over most existing hardware, so users may not have to change out any deadbolts.

The outside portion of your front door will mostly look the same, though users will have added benefits such as voice command integration, auto-unlock function, door position sensing, and remote access via the mobile app.

The smart lock comes with a wireless keypad too. Placed near the front door, it allows you to enter a passcode or scan your fingerprint to quickly lock or unlock the door.

Guests needing access to your property won’t have to download an app or receive a physical key to use the smart lock. They can enter a password provided by you to access the door.

Although the smart lock is compatible with Alexa and Google Assistant, Matter and Apple Home aren’t.

The lock is available in the US starting from approximately A$330, though there isn’t any immediate update on Philip’s Australian website as to its availability here.

In January, ChannelNews reported about Philips showing off its latest products in-home security at CES 2024. It includes its Wi-Fi Palm Recognition Smart Deadbolt which comes with a built-in palm scanner that unlocks your door when it detects your unique palm print. Philips says its lock can register up to 50 palm vein patterns and identify hands belonging to people of all ages — even if they’re dirty.

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