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Philips Launch New Hue ‘Candle’ & ‘Spot’ Smart Lights

As smart light adoption continues to grow, Philips has expanded its popular ‘Hue’ range, by debuting the new ‘Ambiance Spot’ (GU10) and ‘Ambiance Candle’ (E14).

Both products will land in Australia this month, with the Hue White & Color Ambiance Candle (40W equivalent E14) retailing for A$69/bulb, and the Hue White Ambiance Spot (GU10) selling for A$89/bulb.

Like other Hue smartlights, the new products require a Philips Hue Bridge (A$89), capable of linking up to 50 lights in one home.

The new Hue Ambiance Spot is an extension of the Hue White Ambiance range, with its tuneable white light easily changing from warm to cool.

The Hue White & Color Ambiance candle offers a spectrum of colours, catering to any mood or occasion.

Both smart lights are compatible with Philips’ Hue app, with voice control available via Amazon’s Alexa, Google Assistant and Apple’s HomeKit.

Providing extra automation, users can incorporate a Philips motion sensor with the new smart lights for more intuitive lighting.

In addition to shifting light colours, users can set-up ‘light recipes’ – energise, read, concentrate and relax.

Philips’ Hue Sync also transforms static lights into entertainment zones, connecting to music, TV or games via a users’ smartphone.

Further information is available on Philips’ website here.

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