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“Hey Google, Play Channel 7 On The Telstra TV”

Support for Google voice commands has landed on Telstra TVs, with a new ‘Voice Linking’ feature enabling users to control the video platform via a compatible Google smart speaker.

Voice commands are somewhat limited – instructions must end with “… on the Telstra TV.”

e.g. “Hey Google, Play Channel 7 on the Telstra TV”, “Hey Google, Switch Channel to Channel 7 on the Telstra TV”,  “Hey Google, Launch 7plus on the Telstra TV.”

Certain commands are restricted to the Telstra TV 2, with further information available on Telstra’s website here.

Set-up claims to be relatively simple, with Telstra TV appearing a supported device on the Google Home app (instructions here).

Voice linking triggers a code on the TV, which is input into the Google Home app.

Telstra claims voice linking capabilities will continue to expand over time, allowing users to search and play content using only their voice.

According Ausdroidthere’s also the possibility of linking with Google Assistant routines in time (e.g. simultaneously turning-off smart lights and triggering Netflix).


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