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Peloton Launches In Australia Today, And It’s Very Expensive

Peloton has had a nightmarish run of late, with a lawsuit for giving a kid third-degree burns, the death of another child, over 80 separate injuries linked to a certain treadmill, and the late John McAfee explaining how easily hackable the system was.

But all that is hopefully behind the fitness brand, as they launch in Australia today.

Peloton’s basic bike, with 2x10watt speakers and 22-inch touchscreen retails for $2,895, while the Peloton Bike+, with 24-inch screen, and various extra features in $3,695.

Where Peloton will hope to make an impact in these COVID times is with the $59 a month Peloton All Access virtual gym membership. The company is offering up a three-month trial period, which will be long enough to lure in any customers that get addicted to the at-home workout.

Despite the false start, they are launching at a very opportune time here.


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