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Samsung Internet 15.0 Beta Boosts User Privacy

Samsung has released the beta for the next version of its native Samsung Internet mobile browser, featuring quality-of-life and privacy upgrades.

The new Samsung Internet 15.0 beta employs enhanced anti-tracking technology to protect its users against fingerprinting, which tracks network use to correlate user information. The beta lets users more easily delete their browser data and stored information, as well as activating “Secret Mode” by default when it is turned on, rather than users needing to activate it each time.

The move is a step forward for user privacy, said Du Kim, VP and Head of Web R&D Group, Mobile Communications Business at Samsung Electronics.

“Samsung works tirelessly to deliver the best mobile experience while providing ways to help keep your personal information private with advanced privacy features.

“Samsung Internet 15.0 beta offers the best of both worlds with simple tools that help users browse faster while maintaining control over their personal data.”

Also included in the beta is a new search widget that allows searching via text or voice from the home screen, as well as temporary storage of previously-visited pages for quicker and easier access.

The final version is set to launch in the next few months.

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