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Parliament Cyber Attack: MPs Now Demanding Answers

A number of federal MPs have called for intelligence leaders to be hauled before the parliamentary intelligence and security committee, following what is believed to have been a cyber attack on Federal Parliament’s IT systems.

The supposed attack occurred on Friday. The system for handling MP’s e-mails went down from 3 am on Friday, MPs were not notified about the breach until the system was back online after 9 am.

Labor MP Anthony Byrne

Many have been steaming with fury over the event, and are demanding to know how it got past the Parliament’s supposed ultra-strong cyber defences.

Labor MP Anthony Byrne, deputy chair of the parliamentary joint committee on intelligence and security, has demanded an explanation from the heads of the Department of Parliamentary Services and the Australian Signals Directorate.

There was no news yesterday on how these bodies are reacting to the event. But the action was swift in some areas. The pollies were smartly told to reset their passwords on the parliamentary expenses system, which tracks their use of public funds.

Parliament resumes today and will rise on Thursday. Unless current plans change – and Labor, allied by crossbenchers, is believed to be planning a move in that direction – it won’t sit again until April unless an early election is called.

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