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ALDI Unveil Smart Video Doorbell For $100

German supermarket giant, ALDI, has further expanded into hardware and home security, with the unveiling of a smart video doorbell ($99.99), 8 camera home security system with DVR ($299) and 24V cordless drill kit ($79.99) as part of its ‘Special Buys’ sale on February 16.

The Cocoon branded smart video doorbell offers one-way video streaming and two-way audio intercom functionality, and is available in either black or silver.

Accompanying a one year warranty, users can receive notifications for motion detection and doorbell alerts to their smartphone via the Cocoon app.

The doorbell features a built-in microphone and speaker with “echo suppression”, plus 6 infared LEDS for 5 – 10 metres of night vision.

ALDI is also launching an 8 camera home security system with DVR for $299, offering real-time recording within its 1TB built-in storage.

With 8 high resolution cameras, the system features advanced motion detection.

Users can remotely check-in on cameras via their PC, smartphone or tablet.

Joining the security cameras on February 16 is a slew of hardware items including; kitchen taps ($99.99/each), assorted door hardware ($14.99/each), a Honeywell digital Bluetooth deadbolt ($149), 2 pack solar gutter light ($9.99), 1100W portable air compressor ($59.99) and a table or suction vice ($14.99/each).

Further information and product specifications are available on ALDI’s website¬†here.

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