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Pandora Unveils New Premium Service To Compete With Spotify

Though an early front-runner in the music streaming world, Pandora has lost ground to rival Spotify as competition in the space has accelerated over the last few years.

Now, the company is looking to strike back and regain its preeminence with their new Pandora Premium service.

Like that of rivals, it’ll offer users access to an extensive music library that can be saved for offline listening. However, the key difference that Pandora are selling here is an added degree of personalization.

The company looks to be doubling down on the algorithms and smart recommendations that originally distinguished their service with Premium, giving users different search results depending on their listening history and automatically generating radio stations of content when you reach the end of an album.

The service will come with its own app that will boast its own unique clean UI that changes color depending on the music you’re listening to.

The service will roll out early next year for $10 a month and Pandora is aiming to sign up 11 million of its 80 million paying subscribers by 2020.

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