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Oz Trails In Web Speed Figures

Australia has finished in 50th place in Akamai’s latest State of the Internet report covering the first quarter of the year, with an average fixed-line connection speed of just 11.1Mbps.

That somewhat shameful figure compares with 28.6Mbps in South Korea, 22.5Mbps in Sweden, 21.9Mbps in Hong Kong and 18.7Mbps in the USA.

In terms of peak connection speeds, Oz showed a little better with a rating of 55.7Mbps – but again others were doing much, much better. Singapore led the field at 184Mbps: residents of the island-state can connect at three times the speed of Australians.

Average mobile connection speeds ranged from a high of 26.0 Mbps in the UK to a low of 2.8Mbps in Venezuela. Based on traffic data collected by Ericsson, the volume of global mobile data traffic grew by nearly 12 percent over the previous quarter, Akamai says.

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