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OZ To Get LG G6 Smartphone Ahead Of US + Europe

Unlike the past, LG is moving heaven and earth to be at the head of the queue with the launch of the LG G6 set to happen on March 28th right after the Korean launch.

In the past LG Australia, has launched their smartphones months after other markets.

Recently showcased at Mobile World Congress 2017 in Barcelona, LG Australia said that the G6 is suited to the Australian lifestyle.

Bruce Leigh, Marketing Manager for Mobile at LG Electronics Australia says: “’We’re delighted to be bringing the LG G6 to Australia so soon. Australians are increasingly spending more time viewing content on their smartphones and the LG G6 has been designed with these types of consumer trends in mind, most notably providing a big screen that fits in one hand, so you can see more and hold less. The G6 has functions Australians have come to expect, such as wide angle cameras, water resistance, finger print security and the latest Google enhancements.”

The LG G6 is scheduled to be available for consumers to purchase in Telstra stores from 28 March, no pricing has been announced.

The new G6 comes with a metal frame with glass panels front and back. It’s slightly chunkier and heavier as a result, but smaller both in length and width. The 163g LG G6 measures 148.9×71.9×7.9mm in comparison to the 159g, 149.4×73.9×7.7mm LG G5.

Screen: The 5.7in panel on the front of the LG G6 is larger than the 5.3in panel on the LG G5, and has a new ultra-wide 18:9 aspect ratio. This is a Quad-HD+ display, whereas its predecessor was merely Quad-HD, and incorporates HDR. The pixel pitch is only slightly higher on the LG G6, at 564ppi versus 554ppi, but the larger screen area presents new opportunities for multimedia and what you can do on the screen. The new screen has Gorilla Glass 5 protection, whereas the LG G5 used Gorilla Glass 4.

The LG G6 has a standard wide angle 13MP camera that’s competitive with the current crop of high-end Android phones. There’s a wide-angle dedicated camera on the back with a 120-degree field of view. It’s great for taking landscape shots. There’s also a wide-angle camera on the front, this one with a 100-degree FoV. That’s more than enough to squeeze everyone in for a selfie.

Slim bezels with a big screen: The G6 has a 5.7-inch screen, but it’s a more comfortable phone than other devices in this size range. That’s because the G6 has a new 18:9 screen ratio—it’s taller than other phones. Since width is the most important metric for one-handed use, the G6 is surprisingly comfortable. The bezels are also extremely narrow. The curved edges don’t do much functionally, but I guess they look neat.

Launches with Assistant: The LG G6 will be one of the first non-Pixel phones with Google Assistant built-in. That means you can take advantage of the more accurate voice commands and the ability to plug into external services like IFTTT, Nest, and Phillips Hue. This feature is coming to more phones via a Play Services update in the coming weeks, but not all will get support.

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