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Oz Retailers Slow To Adopt Tech Change

Three in four Australian retailers claim technology change is causing a major disruption in their industry, according to a survey conducted by the Australian Retailers Association and Pronto Software.

However the survey found that take-up of technology is slow in many parts of the retail industries. For instance, it estimates that only half of retailers have invested in deploying a point-of-sale platform that can take offline electronic payments.

And just 62 percent of respondents were investing or planning to invest in social media platforms.

The survey found that only 53 percent of Australian retailers have invested in tools that give them access to real-time sales and inventory insights, and 71 percent have yet to embrace integrated front- and back-end ICT systems.

“With the pressure for retailers to maintain a good IT security posture at an all-time high, the results surrounding how few retailers have IT security front of mind is concerning,” a spokesman said.

Meanwhile the survey results suggest that the entry of Amazon into the Australian market is not having as big an impact as some operators had been expecting. Only 15 percent of respondents said they are now planning an online marketplace-only strategy.

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