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Oz Organisations Want Open IoT

More than four in five Australian organisations believe open data and connectivity standards for IoT are extremely or very important.

According to research from IDC, open source software is also seen as key to IoT, with 63% of IoT decision makers in Australian organisations rating it as being extremely or very important.

“IoT will be an open ecosystem of horizontally specialised players, bringing their own best of breed technology to the table,” said IDC research manager Jamie Horrell.

“Open standards are critical to interoperability and it would be a bold move to rely on proprietary standards or vertically integrated players to deliver operational transformation.”

IDC expects that by 2020, freight monitoring, manufacturing operations and connected vehicles will make up the top three IoT applications by enterprise spend.

2.7 million connected commercial vehicles will be on the road by 2020 according to IDC, with total IoT spending expected to grow to over $18 billion in the next four years.

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