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OZ Left At Alter When It Comes To TVs Shipments Down 7.7%

Australia has become a TV victim as big markets are prioritised ahead of the local market that is now facing major shortage of TVs.

Already several retailers are facing deep stock problems with the supply of TV’s into the Australian market, LG is down 7% overall, while their OLED TV shipments rose 11.5% according to new global data from AV Revo.

Shipments to Asia Pacific and Latin America slipped 7.7% and 5.2% with priority given to European and US markets where more people are in home hibernation.

Between now and when COVID-19 hit in January 2020 159 million TV units were shipped, this was up 1.1% from a year earlier, as rising sales in the third quarter offset shipment declines recorded in the first half of the year, according to data.

Samsung Electronics remained the top vendor in the nine-month period, with shipments totalling 33 million units, up 15.8% on year. Its shipments to North America grew by 48.4% in the period.

TCL took third place with shipments of 17.4 million units, up 14.1%. Overseas shipments accounted for 74% of TCL’s total shipments in the period.

Chinese TV brand Hisense which now includes Toshiba saw its shipment also climb despite TCL proving to be the more popular TV brand in markets like the USA where Hisense is struggling despite buying the Toshiba brand because of the failure of the Hisense brand in the USA.

Global TV shipments delivered growth of 13.2% in the third-quarter 2020, the highest ever quarterly growth for the industry, highlighting the pace of recovery.

Shipments of high-end models, including OLED, 8K and quantum-dot ones, have also rebounded since the third quarter, according to industry observers.

In the first three quarters of 2020, TV shipments to North America grew 19.6% on year to 39.1 million units. This was at the expense of the Australia and Asia Pacific markets including New Zealand who are seen as small compared to Europe and the USA, markets being priortised ahead of Australia.

The world’s top-5 TV brands commanded nearly 60% of the global TV shipments in the nine-month period, according to the data.

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