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Oz Gaming Industry To Exceed $1bn In Decade

Australia’s gaming industry is expected to become a billion-dollar market within the next decade, analysts say.

Aussie-made video games raked in around $185 million in 2020 – a 29 per cent jump from 2019.

Currently, Australia only contributes 0.6 per cent of the global gaming market, which is worth about $260 billion.

But thanks to the pandemic-driven boost in gaming, the Aussie industry could exceed the $1 billion milestone by as soon as 2030, reports 9News.

“If you had a product in the market it (2020) was a great year,” Ron Curry, CEO of the Interactive Games Entertainment Association (IGEA), told the publication.

“We definitely had an increase in people playing games, which moves to an increase in people making games.”

The coronavirus lockdown pushed developers to rush production of PC and mobile games to the market.

The Australian gaming industry now employs 1200 full-workers, with 76 per cent of studios producing games reporting stable revenue.

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