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OZ CE & Appliance Retailers Tipped To Get A Lift From Amazon Prime Sale

Australian consumer electronics retailers could get a lift from the upcoming Amazon Prime Day sales if US data is anything to go by.

Bluecore, an email marketing platform for merchants in the USA claims that CE retailers actually got a lift from the Amazon Prime 36-hour sale.

The company claims that the event generated a halo effect for consumer electronics dealers, who rode the e-tailer’s coattails to greater traffic, conversion rates and order size.

Specifically, those selling CE among Bluecore’s 400 retail clients saw:

a 16 percent average increase in unique visitors;

traffic spikes as high as 49 percent;

as much as a 26 percent increase in orders below $50; and

as much as a 57 percent rise in per-order spend on CE purchases that averaged between $200 to $300.

The company attributed the effect to the propensity of Prime Day shoppers to compare prices and search for even better deals elsewhere.

“Four years of Prime Days have trained consumers that other retailers are running promotions during Prime Day, too,” Bluecore postulated. “This creates a ‘deal mindset’ in which consumers are open to retailers’ offers across the board and are less committed to a specific brand or retailer.”

Indeed, Bluecore believes last year’s 21 percent drop in Prime Day purchases was due in large part to shopper defections, as nearly half of the 100 largest retailers offered competing promotions.

The data was mirrored in a recent BlackFriday.com poll showing that more than half of the 1,000 adults surveyed plan to shop during summer sales, but that only 50 percent of those plan to participate in Prime Day.


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