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Oz Banks On Alert As Cybercrims Hit ATMs Across The Globe

SYDNEY: Australian banks and cash machine operators are on alert after Diebold Nixdorf, the maker of widely used ATMs,  reported attacks across Europe.

The company warned that cybercriminals are using a black box containing Diebold Nixdorf software to illegally dispense cash.

The criminals are largely targeting Diebold’s ProCash 2050xe terminals, which are widely used by banks and credit unions across Australia.

It’s unclear at this stage how the attackers gained access to the internal software, although Diebold said a previous offline attack against an unencrypted hard disc of the machine could be to blame.

So called “jackpotting” attacks allow cybercriminals to trigger the ATM to release cash like a slot machine.

Diebold was hit by a ransomware attack in April that caused what the company called a “limited systems outage” and a similar jackpotting attack in Germany three years ago.


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