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More Fast Chargers For NSW EVs

SYDNEY: While electric vehicles haven’t become as popular in Australia as they are in, say, China, the USA, Norway or a number of other European nations, the NSW-based National Roads and Motorists Association (NRMA) is looking to stir things along.

One of the problems in marketing e-cars to Aussies has been the lack of refuelling facilities. The NRMA this week has revealed a plan to set up 20 new fast-charging stations across NSW.

They will add to the 39 fast chargers the NRMA already has set up across the State, making 59 in all.

The NRMA reckons most EVs should take about 30 minutes to get an 80 percent charge, though this will vary from vehicle to vehicle.

Right now, anyone with an EV can use the NRMA fast chargers for free. However, eventually they will only be free for NRMA members.

Said Paul Toole, NSW Minister for Roads: “These additional charging stations are part of a $3 million co-funded investment to deliver greener and cleaner travel. This will help create the most comprehensive regional charging network in the country, opening regional NSW up to electric vehicle owners.”  Applause, applause

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