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Sony’s Mobile Whizz Hits Oz


Sony Australia announced the new Portable Wireless Server (PWS) allow you view and store content wirelessly from a smartphone, PC or tablet.

Available October 2013, it serves as an additional storage device for data, photos, videos, music files and other docs, as well as a battery charger for your phone or digital camera, and card reader/writer. 

The PWS can also connect to several devices via Wi-Fi at one time, allowing up to eight users to simultaneously share and playback content. 

It has USB 2.0 A port (Hi-Speed USB) USB 2.0 microB port and Memory SD Card slot and promises 10 hour battery life for MP3 playback. 

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It supports Android, iOS, Windows and Mac. 

However, no pricing details has been released. 

“The convenience of the Portable Wireless Server makes it a must-have for the many Australians who are reliant on their mobile devices,” said Abel Makhraz, Marketing Manager, Personal Entertainment at Sony Australia. 

“Not only can you easily charge your phone when you’re on the go, but you can backup, upload and share your photos, videos and music.