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Optus Introduces Cloud-N Software-Defined Networking

Optus Introduces Cloud-N Software-Defined Networking

Optus Wholesale has introduced its Optus Cloud-N software-defined networking (SDN) service, which it states is designed to provide flexibility.

Built from the ground up as a wholesale, white-label service, Cloud-N is designed for customers to “skin”, allowing them to control and design Cloud-N services as their own.

“Optus Cloud-N is a white-label solution and allows partners to rebrand the SDN service as their own and resell it using their retail rates,” John Castro, Optus Wholesale head of marketing and strategy, commented. “The portal can be accessed from any device via the internet.

“The service combines our 100 Gbps network capability together with the investments Optus has made in data centre infrastructure and is in response to customers asking for pay-as-you-go services.”

Optus states that Cloud-N provides flexibility through different grades of service in hourly increments, such as the ability to ramp up services during peak periods, then scaling back during off-peak periods.

“This flexibility and security is all about supporting private, public and hybrid cloud service connectivity and enablement, delivering improved economics because customers are only using what they need, when they need it,” Castro stated.

Employing SDN architecture, Castro stated Cloud-N “provides service agility to launch and turn down services more rapidly and efficiently than supported on traditional networks”.

“Optus Cloud-N users can now turn the service up and down as required,” he commented.

Optus states Cloud-N is being offered at Equinix data centres in Sydney and Melbourne, with plans to extend this to other major data centres later this year.

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