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Pure Digital Reception

Westan Australia is now the official distributor of the Pure digital radio range for Australia and New Zealand.

The acquisition bolsters the Westan product portfolio that already includes Aidoru, Atlas, Epson, Philips, Plinius, QAcoustics, Samsung and Screen Goo.

The acquisition of the Pure range is particularly notable because Pure is the world’s leading digital radio manufacturer and its prestigious models are market leaders in the digital radio space.

The pairing of Westan Australia and Pure is pure symmetry given Westan’s long history with Pure’s parent company, Imagination technologies. Westan previously distributed the latter’s VideoLogic range of PC speakers and PowerVR 3D Graphics cards.

‘’Our long association ensures we look forward to taking the next step in our partnership with Pure digital devices,’’ Kamil Aghtan, Westan Australia managing director says.

Pure was formed in 2002 by Imagination Technologies a company that is one of the globe’s top three suppliers of semiconductor intellectual property. The Pure brand was established to showcase Imagination’s new licensable technologies.

Imagination prides itself on the fact that its technology is now employed in more than 80 per cent of current digital radios.

Pure digital radios helped to usher in the digital radio era in Australia.

Westan will market Pure’s extensive range that includes digital radios, Internet radios, compacts, portables and in-car digital radios.

These leading edge models give consumers a moveable feast of features comprising alarm clocks, Bluetooth wireless technology, docking stations, kitchen timers, pause and rewind modes, sleep timers, remote and stereo sound.

Pure models are currently available and are stocked by leading electrical retailers and specialist hi-fi stores throughout Australia and New Zealand.

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