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Optus Edges Closer To 5G Network

Optus and Huawei have successfully completed a test of Massive MIMO technology that will lay the groundwork for the telco’s 5G network.

An aggregate cell throughput of 665Mbps was achieved in the test, an improvement of up to eight times the speed of existing 4G cell sites according to Optus.

16 devices were connected to Massive MIMO technology provided by Huawei, with speeds achieved over a single frequency channel of 20MHz on the 2300MHz frequency band that Optus acquired as part of its takeover of Vividwireless in 2012.

“Massive MIMO is an important step along the journey to 5G as it allows us to immediately increase cell site capacity and spectrum efficiency,” said Dennis Wong, Optus Networks Managing Director

“For customers, this means that their experience will be of consistently high standard even in high usage situations – regardless of whether your neighbour is downloading movies, or the person across the hall streaming 4K videos off YouTube,” Mr Wong added.

Optus said it had seen a 75% year-on-year increase in data consumption, highlighting the need for technology like Massive MIMO that also improves coverage in areas with high density populations.

The news follows the launch of a 4.5G network by Optus and Huawei earlier this month.


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