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Optus Complaints Fell By 28% In A Single Year

Aussies are complaining less about phone and internet service these days, according to new research.

Today’s Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman Annual Report for FY 20 – 21 showed that overall telco complaints went down by 6.1 per cent..

Optus were big winners, with the data showing its customers filed 27.9 per cent less complaints during FY21, compared to the previous year.

Maurice McCarthy, Optus MD, Customer Success, said of these results: “Whilst no complaint is satisfactory, we are pleased with the results, as they continue to build our momentum of reducing complaint volumes and in this instance, we have done so with a 27.9% reduction compared to last year.

“Across Optus, we are focused on building lasting customer relationships and a most loved everyday brand. Optus has implemented key initiatives which address customer complaints and improve our customers’ experience, such as our new contact centre operating model the Community of Experts.

“It’s the single largest transformation our customer care teams have experienced, which involved reinventing our contact centres end-to-end, from the technology we use, to the way we reward our people, to the way we bring digital to life in every interaction. This is unique to Optus and is core to us creating lasting customer relationships.”


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