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Optus Claims 5G Speed Record

Optus is claiming another Australian 5G record, saying it has smashed 5G upload speeds as part of its mmWave testing on its live commercial network.

According to the Telstra rival, the upload was clocked at 300Mbps at Optus’ 5G mmWave site in Brisbane by combining the carrier’s 4G 2100 MHz spectrum with mmWave spectrum operating on a single user Multi input/Multi output mode, using a commercial grade Casa Systems CPE.

The results come just weeks after a report from speed testing company Ookla found that Australia has one of the fastest 5G networks in the world, with Brisbane one of our best 5G connected cities.

The report found Australia now has some of the fastest mobile speeds globally with a median 5G download speed of 283.56 Mbps during Q1 2021, nearly double the global average of 142.05 Mbps.

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