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Oppo’s Upcoming Smartwatch Looks Identical To Apple Watch

Chinese smartphone maker Oppo is set to launch its first ever smartwatch, which looks identical to Apple’s popular smartwatch range.

Everything in Oppo’s new smartwatch, named Oppo Watch, looks almost identical to the Apple Watch, including the name. With every new Apple Watch launch, the tech giant titles it under a series – the most recent being the Apple Watch Series 5.

The two smartwatches are so familiar that even consumers on social media pointed out the similarities.

‘Wow cheap Apple Watch (clap emoji),’ one Twitter user wrote on Oppo’s promotional tweet.

‘Apple Watch copy. Bring something original guys,’ another commented.

(Photo: Oppo Twitter)

Oppo’s head of global marketing, Brian Shen, tweeted a promotional photo of the black Oppo Watch last month, saying the ‘curved screen and 3D glass will be a game changer.’


The Apple Watch Series 3 is displayed in New York. (AP Photo/Mark Lennihan)

The case size and shape in the photo look very similar to that of an Apple Watch.

For comparison, look at the black Apple Watch Series 3 – while Apple’s display doesn’t curve itself, the edges of the glass watch do curve slightly into the metal frame.

In another photograph of the Oppo Watch, leaked by Ice Universe, the similarities between the new product and Apple’s Watch are also highlighted.

(Photo: Apple Watch)

Even in the way both watches lay flat and the design of the wrist bands look identical.

In another photo reportedly of the Oppo Watch that was posted to Weibo in January, the case and band colours are nearly identical as the Apple Watch Series 4. The screensaver also closely mirrors that of Apple’s smartwatch.

(Photo: Weibo)

Examining an Apple Watch Series 4, it looks like the only the notable different between the two models are the side buttons. While the Oppo Watch has two flat buttons alongside a microphone on the right hand side, the Apple Watch features one round button, one flat button and a microphone. But even so, these are small differences.

The official launch of the Oppo Watch will be on 6 March, where the company will reveal the full specs and features of its latest new release.


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