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Oppo Develops Futuristic Triple-Hinged Slider Phone

Chinese smartphone manufacturer Oppo has partnered with a Japanese design firm to develop a concept triple-hinged slider phone, which would allow the user to open the handset seven different ways.

Oppo and design company Nendo worked together on the concept, simply dubbed the ‘slide phone’ for now.

The triple-hinge foldable screen system means the phone looks like nothing special while folded, but also has the capacity to unfurl into a total of seven different positions with three different screen sizes.

When folded, the slide phone is compact with no screen on display to protect against scratches or bumps during transit. It even comes with a stylus too.

When unfolded to the maximum capacity, the slide phone has a long, thin display which can be hinged at an angle or opened fully.

According to Oppo, the slide phone was inspired by a desire to give users more flexibility and functionality with their smartphone.

“By providing users with the flexibility to change the form of the phone as needed, users may benefit from the ability to change its size to suit the occasion. Furthermore, a stylus inserted in phone allows users to expand their productivity by using the phone for work or other more complex tasks,” Oppo said in a release.

Commenting on the partnership, nendo CEO and chief designer, Oki Sato, said: “I was impressed by OPPO’s philosophy, which goes beyond leveraging the latest technology and pursues a comfortable relationship between people and their products through a human-centric approach to design. I am looking forward to seeing new concepts from the OPPO team as well as seeing how they manage to further strike a balance between technology and emotional engagement.”

The slide phone is still in the concept stage and Oppo has not indicated when the product may be ready for a real-world launch.

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