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Olimpia Splendid Eye Major ANZ Expansion

Italian appliance manufacturer, Olimpia Splendid, is ramping up its Australian and New Zealand expansion, following acquisition of local distribution company Noirot Australia Pty Ltd.

Claimed to be one of Europe’s most trusted air conditioning and heating appliance manufacturers, the company and is prepping to be a “major player” in the local market.

Founded in 1956, the brand bears the “Made in Italy” seal, and exports to over 45 countries.

With a vast catalogue of technologically advanced, sleek ambient control solutions, Olimpia Splendid has pledged to make its full range available to ANZ appliance retailers.

Noirot Australia also distributes two other category brands across the ANZ region: Levante International air conditioners, and Noirot panel heaters.

Olimpia Splendid asserts it’s excited by the opportunity presented in the Australian and New Zealand market.

“We are a company of engineers first and foremost, so we like nothing more than solving problems for our customers, through our innovation and the best of Italian design, while always mindful of finding solutions with minimal impact on our environment,” claims Managing Director, Marco Saccone.

“Together the two countries cover an enormous area with extraordinary variations in climate,” remarks Saccone.

“This presents a unique range of challenges.”

Further information and full product specifications are available on Olimpia Splendid’s website here.

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