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OLED TV’s Dealt Another Blow

OLED TV’s have been dealt another blow after a leading manufacturer of display screens told an investor conference in Asia last week that OLED TV’s are costly to produce and that other cheaper technology will be adopted by manufacturers.  

Global Lighting Technologies, Chairman Lee Man-hsiang said that the high cost of OLED TV manufacturing and a lack of interest from major TV manufacturers with the exception of LG will result in OLED being less than 10% of all global TV manufacturing as demand for 4K UHD TV’ soar.

GLT make light guide plates for LCD panels and smartphones.  

Lee Man-hsiang said that production cost for OLED panels is relatively high due to low yield rates, Lee said, adding OLED TVs will take up less than 10% of global demand for TVs.


In addition to light guide plates used in IT and TV panels, GLT has developed light guide plates for use in smart wearable devices’ displays, automotive displays and lighting products, Lee indicated.


For smart wearable devices, Fitbit, Tom Tom and Garmin are major clients of GLT.



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