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EXCLUSIVE:Fly360 Takes On Contenders To 360 Camera Crown CEO Interview

An interesting battle is starting to unfold, between two Companies Go Pro and new kid on the block in the action sports market 360fly, who is also taking on big brand names such as Samsung, Nikon and LG all Companies that are looking to grab a share of the fast growing 360-degree camera market.

The only problem is that Go Pro, the market leader in the action camera market is crashing and burning and has recently been forced to take on capital from Red Bull the global leader in Energy drinks and a big producer of action video’s shot on Go Pro cameras.

See separate Exclusive ChannelNews Story here.

Another problem for Go Pro is that they don’t have a 360-degree camera for the mass market. Their offering is $18,000 and is complex and takes a professional to set it up.

On the other hand, 360 fly who has already launched a Full HD 360-degree camera is now stepping up into the 4K Ultra High Definition market with a camera that delivers spectacular images that take action camera shooting to a whole new level.

What 360fly have that is going to be hard to beat are unique patents that allow their 360fly camera to not only shoot 4K UHD Content but stream it real time. It also plays back at 2880 X 2880 which most other 4K 360-degree cameras are unable to do.

During an exclusive interview with ChannelNews, Peter Adderton the global CEO of 360fly, said that high levels of demand and manufacturing that was running at full capacity had led to the Company having to restrict the amount of retailers being given access to the product.

In Australia JB HI Fi is the exclusive mass market retailers of the $835 fly 360 4K UHD Camera and the $639 Full HD Camera. The product can also be purchased at select specialist camera stores.

According to Adderton owners of the Samsung 360-degree camera which has still not been released in Australia will only be able to be able to play back their 360-degree content at 1960 X 498.

An expert at social media marketing Adderton recently scored praise from the Wall Street Journal.

After one of their journalists recently posted a review on the new Samsung 360-degree camera using footage shot at New York’s famous Central Station, Adderton had his guys re shoot the video in the exactly the same location.

He then posted it to the journalists Facebook page where the Samsung shot footage was being hosted. The difference was dramatic, footage shot on the 360fly 4K camera was sharper and colours brighter, we also posted the footage direct from a smartphone in 45 seconds.” He said.

Adderton said that the journalist “got the message that there is a big difference between brands and different levels of 4K playback”.

“The new 360fly 4K camera delivers four times the resolution of the Samsung camera and this really shows with what we shot our footage at Grand Central, which has spectacular light and is a great location to shoot” he said.

He added” A lot of 360-degree Companies including the likes of Samsung are more interested about pricing, than technology. We have the patents and the software that puts the 360fly in a different league to our competitors” he added.

Using his social media skills 360fy has avoided above the line marketing instead the Company is focusing on the battle between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton and Bernie Sanders who are currently battling it out to become president of the USA.

Shortly the Company will release a series of 360-degree video’s shot at election events organised by the contenders. Adderton describes the video’s as “wild crazy and a lot of fun”.

“What we want people to do is say who is that Company. The videos are so wild that the media will do the rest he said.

The 360fly 4K camera has been released in Australia ahead of the US market so Adderton who is due in Australia shortly said that while the Company is using a Qualcomm snapdragon processor to drive the cameras in their new 4K offering he said that currently the Company is looking at several options as “the life cycle today on most products is nine months” he said.

The new camera that also delivers ‘Panoramic Sound’ has been manufactured with a new easy to grip material that prevents the device slipping out of your hand.

Adderton acknowledges that 2016 is year is a big one for virtual reality and those who are creating content for it which is why the Company is keen to take a leadership position with the 360fly range which will also include what has been described as a “spectacular drone later this year” that will sell for sub US$1,000.

Recently 360 fly took on board new funding via a US$40 million Series C raising.

Their latest round is led by L Catterton, and supported by existing investor Qualcomm through Qualcomm Ventures they added Adidas Group through Hydra Ventures.

The Series C round will be used to continue their research and development with a greater focus on machine learning, product integrations, and hardware integrations.

Beyond research, the capital injection has allowed the company to bring their new 4K camera to a wider market with the expansion to global marketing and sales in Countries like Australia.

“Our investment partners recognise the tremendous opportunity within the VR space as we drive further toward a level of widespread consumer adoption,” said Peter Adderton, 360fly CEO.

“We have no intention of slowing down or resting on our laurels, and closing this latest round of funding is critical to not only maintaining, but increasing the momentum we’ve established.”

“This is an exciting global launch for us, as the 360fly 4K camera is even more accessible via specialty retailers and our expanded presence in big-box stores in the USA, like Best Buy, Target, REI and Dick’s Sporting Goods,” said Adderton.

“Coupled with the original 360fly HD camera – consumers now have two outstanding options – whether they’re new to the usage and benefits of 360-degree video or a more seasoned ‘pro’ interested in higher production applications or live streaming content.”

The 360fly HD camera is available for $635, and the new 360fly 4K camera for $835 at JB Hi Fi.

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