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OLED Smartphones To Hit 30% Uptake Next Year

OLED smartphones are expected to notch a 30% market penetration rate in 2018, following increasing adoption of the premium display panels by smartphone manufacturers.

Taiwanese-based trade publication, DigiTimes, predicts uptake of OLED smartphones could climb even higher, should burn-in issues and supply constraints be solved.

Sources claim the supply of OLED display screens will remain “constrained” during the first half of next year, with Samsung Display expected to remain the sole mass-producer.

Industry insiders speculate rival manufacturers such as LG Display, Japan Display (JDI) and Sharp will ramp up their OLED production in the second half of next year, at earliest.

While the production of 18:9 “all screen” displays have continued to pressurise most LCD manufacturers, some commentators speculate¬†they will be able to withstand competition from OLED suppliers, as they focus on innovations to increase colour saturation, dynamic colour ratios and other features of LCD panels.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8

[Samsung’s Galaxy Note 8 has an OLED screen]

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