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ACCC Scrutinises Telstra’s Revised NBN Migration Plan

The ACCC has advised it is “seeking feedback” on the proposed variations of Telstra’s NBN Migration Plan, which facilitates the rollout of fibre to the curb technology (FTTC).

The watchdog is assessing whether Telstra’s variations will offer sufficient protection for consumers to maintain access to services delivered by the NBN.

The rollout of fibre to the curb technology (FTTC) is currently scheduled to commence next year.

ACCC Chairman, Rod Sims, affirms that it’s important the existing service is not disconnected without customer consent:

“Once the FTTC technology is ready to be deployed, the migration plan is intended to promote efficient disconnections and minimal disruption in the switchover to NBN-based services”

“It is important that the existing service is not disconnected without the customer’s consent until the NBN-based service is successfully activated”.

Back in 2015, the regulator approved Telstra’s revised migration plan, which detailed how the telco would migrate existing customers’ telephone and internet services to a multi-technology mix NBN.

In mid-2016 Mr Sims affirmed that Telstra’s revised migration plan would give retail service providers more time to complete migration activities, adding it is “intended to promote a more positive experience for customers as they move to NBN services”.

Following today’s news, the ACCC is required to undertake a 28-day consultation on Telstra’s recent revised migration plan. Feedback to its discussion paper is required to be submitted by January 5th 2018.

Interested parties can send their written submission to: [email protected]

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