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B&W’s New Z2 Speaker & Refreshed Zeppelin Air


B&W’s Zeppelin Air is one of the best iPhone speakers available, but since the release of the iPhone 5 it has relied on a cheapish adaptor that undermined its charm for compatibility. Fortunately iPhone 5 users looking for a no-compromise experience can now purchase a Zeppelin Air dock fitted with Apple’s lightening connector. As the ‘Air’ moniker denotes, the Zeppelin speaker features AirPlay for wireless (and lossless) audio streaming from Apple’s iOS devices, iTunes and a PC.

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Joining the refreshed Zeppelin Air is the Z2; a new lightening equipped speaker dock versed in wireless streaming through Apple’s Airplay. Cylindrical in shape, the Z2’s body conceals two 3.5 inch full range drivers benefitting from 40 watts of amplification. The Z2 can jump on a WiFi network or be wired to a network by using an Ethernet cable.

B&W’s refreshed Zepplin Air and Z2 speaker are available now from JB Hifi, Harvey Norman, Apple, and David Jones. They retail for $799.95 and $499.95 respectively.

Via Electronista,  Via Gizmodo UK