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Oh No! Samsung Is Having Another Crack At Trying To Breath Life Into Bixby

Desperate to get their Bixby voice technology to be taken seriously alongside Alexa and Google Assistant, Samsung is now going to have another crack at getting owners of a Samsung smartphone to use their struggling Bixby Voice to open a device on their new S21 Galaxy devices.

Insiders are tipping that Samsung has developed a new U3.1 interface to incorporate new Bixby features which can be used to open a Samsung smartphone, this is a feature  used to offer in prior models before it was removed.

The attempt to give Bixby life comes despite there being multiple ways to unlock your phone including fingerprint scanner, face unlock, PIN, password, and the good old pattern unlock.

Previous version allowed users to unlock their device by saying “Hi Bixby”, so there is a chance when it makes its return next year, users will be able to unlock their phone the same way.

The official Samsung support page for Bixby is still supported, it claims that it is perfectly safe to unlock your phone with the “Hi Bixby” voice command, however some observers claim that there are still reservations about the feature considering more advanced biometric features such as Face ID and fingerprint unlock can be fooled.

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