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NZXT’s New Gaming Keyboards Boast Supreme Customization

Gaming component company NZXT have just released a new range of customizable keyboards. Known as ‘Function’, the new series allows users to swap out the switches on each key easily, meaning they can adjust their keyboard for the exact response feel and volume that they like.

This is the first time NZXT have released a keyboard range and are not known for their input devices. Instead, they are a brand famous for their cases, fans and motherboards.

The NZXT Function range comes in three sizes: full-size, Tenkeyless (TKL) and MiniTKL. Each keyboard is fitted with per-key RGB lighting and a standard bottom row, features that are usually uncommon in smaller keyboards.

A keyboard having hot-swappable switch sockets mean that the switches aren’t soldered onto the circuit. Not only does this mean that users can completely customize the feel of their keyboard but makes keeping a keyboard for much longer more viable, as parts can be easily replaced as they are needed.

On their website, NZXT allows users to completely customize their keyboards, choosing base colours, of keycaps and switches, as well as accent keycaps and cable colours for an additional fee. There is a standard fee of $14.99 AUD for assembly. All switch options, besides the premium Gateron Aliaz Silent and Gateron Silent Black Ink, come included in the cost.

Credit: GameRant


Prices of the MiniTKL start at $189.99, the Tenkeyless at $199.99 and the Full Size at $229.99.

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