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Nvidia Unveils Flurry Of AI Products After $280 Billion Rally

“We have reached the tipping point of a new computing era,” says Nvidia CEO Jensen Huang, as the world’s most valuable chipmaker unveiled a number of products driven by artificial intelligence at Computex.

Key among the new AI advancements that Nvidia will soon bring to the world is a new AI supercomputer platform named DGX GH200 is aimed to help tech companies create successors to ChatGPT.

On the other end of the scale is an interesting service, Nvidia ACE for Games, that will use AI to inject background characters in video games with more personality and inspired dialogue.

An advertising service will use ‘digital twins’ to give slight variations on advertising campaigns, allowing digital touch ups and different edits, line-reads, and more, all of which will save advertisers time and money.

Huang also showcased a new robot-building platform that will allow the easy creation of robots suited to industries outside of tech, such as building, and warehousing.

“It’s too much,” Huang admitted. “I know it’s too much.”

Nvidia saw its shares rally by over A$280 billion after the chipmaker forecast current-quarter revenue more than 50 per cent above analyst expectations, saying it has boosted supply to meet surging demand for its AI chips.

Nvidia is now close to cracking the US$1trillion valuation mark.

“There’s no question we’re in a new computing era,” he said in a two-hour speech at Computex.

“Every single computing era you could do different things that weren’t possible before, and artificial intelligence certainly qualifies.”

“The programming barrier is incredibly low. We have closed the digital divide. Everyone is a programmer now – you just have to say something to the computer,” he said.

“The rate of progress, because it’s so easy to use, is the reason why it’s growing so fast. This is going to touch literally every single industry.”

Huang then showed how programming has ceased to be a barrier to creativity. He asked an AI for music to match the mood of the early morning, while he then gave a handful of lyrics, and asked the AI to compose a pop song.

“Everyone is a creator now,” he said.

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