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Nvidia Introduces AI Computer For Self-Driving Vehicles

Nvidia has unveiled its Drive PX 2 palm-sized artificial intelligence computer for automated and autonomous vehicles.

Nvidia states that the new single-processor configuration of the Drive PX 2 for AutoCruise functions, including highway automated driving and HD mapping, consumes just 10 W of power, enabling “vehicles to use deep neural networks to process data from multiple cameras and sensors”.

nvidia1“A car using the small form-factor Drive PX 2 for AutoCruise can understand in real-time what is happening around it, precisely locate itself on an HD map and plan a safe path forward,” Nvidia states.

The Drive PX 2 will be deployed by Chinese company Baidu for its self-driving car, with Nvidia and Baidu having recently announced a partnership to deliver a self-driving cloud-to-car system.

“Bringing an AI computer to the car in a small, efficient form factor is the goal of many automakers,” Rob Csongor, Nvidia vice president and general manager of automotive, commented.

“Nvidia Drive PX 2 in the car solves this challenge for our OEM and tier 1 partners, and complements our data centre solution for mapping and training.”

Nvidia states that its “architecture scales from a single mobile processor configuration, to a combination of two mobile processors and two discrete GPUs, to multiple Drive PX 2s”.

Autonomous vehicles are attracting significant interest from both the automotive and tech industries, with the industry building momentum.

IHS Automotive recently upped its estimates for autonomous vehicles sales following recent developments in the industry, forecasting sales of nearly 21 million autonomous vehicles by 2035.

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