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Nura Launch Headphone Subscription Service

Melbourne-based adaptive headphone maker Nura has launched a subscription service for its personalised headphones.

The NuraNow service gives subscribers access to Nura’s patented in-and-over ear headphone with a warranty that covers accidental damage and loss.

Subscribers also get access to new headphones every two years, and discounted tickets for concerts in Sydney and Melbourne for the first month.

The NuraNow service is available in Australia, the US and UK.

NuraNow starts at $10 with an upfront fee of $130, with $15 per month ($30 upfront) and $18 per month (no fee) tiers also available.

Last year, Sennheiser introduced SoundClub, a $20 per month subscription headphone service currently limited to California.

Subscribers receive the Nuraphone headphone, which previously retailed for $499.

The headphones remain active as long as the membership does.

Cancelling subscribers are required to send the headphones back to Nura within 30 days.

Nura attracted almost US$2-million through a Kickstarter for its Nuraphone headphone in 2016.

The headphone has a unique design featuring in-ear buds in an over-ear headphone.

The buds handle higher frequencies for clearer melodies while the over-ear cups use a tactile driver to produce “bass you can feel”.

The Nuraphone’s companion app (iOS and Android) allows users to make unique listening profiles tuned to their ears by measuring their hearing sensitivity.

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