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Nougat Now Accounts For Almost 5% Of All Android Devices

Continuing its rapid growth since it launched late last year, Google’s Nougat OS now accounts for 4.9% of all active Android devices.

While not quite the 100% month-on-month growth found in February, March was still an significant period of expansion for Nougat with vendors and carriers rolling out both new devices using Android 7.0 and updating old ones.

According to the data, the userbases for almost every version of Android contracted a few percentage points – breaking previous trends that saw the oldest iterations of Android hold firm at 1%. Even Marshmallow fell 0.1% this time around.

A key takeaway here could be found here is that the new features and refinements made to the Android experience are encouraging users to upgrade from both ends of the markets.

We’ll have to see if Nougat’s growth continues to accelerate in the coming months.

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