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Notebook Shipments Rebound, As China Opens

Notebook shipments have seemingly recovered, after a horror period that saw many Chinese factories forced into lockdown, on top of the prolonged supply chain issues that have plagued the industry at large.

Digitimes Research found the five top notebook brands saw combined shipments leap 34 per cent in May from the month prior.

Despite this rise in fortunes, volumes are still down from May, 2021, despite a glut of issues hampering the sector back then.

Lenovo saw the strongest on-month shipment performance in May, with volumes surpassing both Hewlett-Packard and Dell. This is, in part, due to a massive decline in April shipments for the Chinese company.

HP were able to manage double digit growth in May, due to both Quanta Computer and Compal Electronics resuming production in China, while Dell’s on-month shipment growth was slighter, due to its April shipments not being impacted as harshly as the aforementioned two companies.


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