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U.S. Tipped To Ban iPhone Lightning Port

Following the European Union declaring USB-C be mandatory for smartphones sold there, the U.S. is looking to follow suite.

The Unite States Senate has reached out to the Department of Commerce (DoC) to develop a universal charging solution that will be better for both consumers and the environment.

According to U.S. lawmakers, 40% of Americans have been caught out without an available charger at least once, and the Senate believes that a universal solution will fix this issue.

Furthermore, the introduction of a universal charging solution should reduce the amount of e-waste generated by the need to replace chargers and cables. Lawmakers state that the discarding and replacing of chargers results in 11,000 tons of e-waste in the U.S. alone annually, resulting in pollution in water, soil and air.

The letter to the DoC revolves around developing “a comprehensive plan that will protect consumers and the environment by addressing the lack of a common charger among mobile devices.”

The letter, which was signed by numerous democrats including Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren, was supportive of the EU’s steps towards a universal charging solution and stressed the importance of the U.S. joining them.

“The EU’s policy has the potential to significantly reduce e-waste and help consumers who are tired of having to rummage through junk drawers full of tangled chargers to find a compatible one, or buy a new one. The EU has wisely acted in the public interest by taking on powerful technology companies over this consumer and environmental issue. The United States should do the same.”

The EU has declared all smartphones sold within their jurisdiction must have USB-C chargers by the end of 2024. The UK has remained silent on the issue.


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